Instagram Contests for Businesses – Use Competition As Advertisement

Did you know? Businesses don’t have to rely on tried-and-true online marketing methods on social networks like Instagram.

Instagram, contests and… advertising?

Contests or competitions can be used as effective advertising tools on the social photo sharing website. Instagram itself provides businesses with a unique opportunity to attract and keep an audience interested in what their brand may have to offer them.

Not only are contests a great way for businesses to entice prospective followers, but it’s a great way to engage them from the start.

Instagram contests or competitions can take the form of photo contests and, now, video contests. Both types of contests allow prospective followers to submit content based on the contest’s competition guidelines. As long as this content relates back to the business in question, it can potentially interest other people into following the competition as it unfolds, causing a chain reaction of users starting to follow said business.

When you’re using Instagram contests as a way to essentially advertise your business, make sure that your prospective participants have the chance to follow your business before participating. Requiring that all participants follow your business will give you the benefit of increasing your follower base right before the contest starts.

Things to consider 

If you have a bigger follower base, many other users who might be watching your contest might feel more comfortable with following your business page to start. Many businesses who already have a large amount of followers are considered authoritative, since prospective followers assume that they have something that already interests so many people.

If you’re planning to host a contest on Instagram, there are many other things you need to consider before getting your guidelines situated:

  • The budget. Every contest needs a budget. Having a budget can help you figure out the size of the competition and the type of competition you’ll be able to hold. Make sure you keep your budget small if you’re just starting out to make the contest easier on everyone else.
  • The use of hashtags. Hashtags can be a great way to gain exposure for the contest, and subsequently, your business and brand. Always have your participants include the name of your brand when tagging their photos or videos with hashtags. You can also request that your participants register on Instagram before participating, in addition to following you, so their tags properly show on the site.
  • The use of crowd sourcing. You can actually have users do some crowd sourcing for your brand and business. Ask users to submit pictures or videos that match the topic or theme for your contest, ensuring that they tag their photos or videos with the name of your business and/or brand. This will help keep your business and brand name in circulation for a while—perhaps as long as the pictures are shared on the website.